About Me

My passion for photography began back when I was a kid. I’d pose my dolls for portraits, set up lighting (thank you movable desk lamp) & sneak a couple pictures using my mom’s camera. A camera which I was not allowed to use. Imagine my mother’s surprise when she developed her film! I don’t know why I thought was so sneaky. Obviously, I don’t have a future in a life of crime. Lol

Then in high school I started learning about the editing side of photography even taking some classes on flash & web design. Since then, I’ve taken many classes & workshops on exposure, portraiture, composition, editing etc. I’ll never forget one class I took when I met a fellow photographer & we started discussing camera equipment. His equipment was incredible & quite costly. He said to me,

I met someone the other day who bought the same camera to take pictures of their grandchildren. Can you imagine? Investing this much money to take pictures of children?”

He laughed & that’s when I informed him I’m a portrait photographer, specifically for families & children. 😊

I believe the most precious resource we have on this planet is people. That’s why I’m a people-centered photographer. You & your family are my first priority. This means many things to me including focusing on safety, finding the most flattering light & making sure each portrait session is light & fun. “This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)

I look forward to serving you & your family,


P.S. When I asked the photographer mentioned above what type of photography he liked to shoot he answered, “birds”. To each their own. I’m passionate about people; that’s what I choose to invest my time & energy towards. God bless you all, bird lovers & people lovers alike!