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Blue Walls & Subs of Meatballs

| Child Photography, Locations Scouting

Last Thursday, Tessa & I spent some quality girl-time singing to the radio in the car, talking about funny vines & catching up on our way to a portrait session in Georgetown Town Square. Then, she modeled for me like a professional so I could scout a new spot for a new client. Did she do great or what?

Thank you to The Union on the Eighth for use of your big, beautiful blue door to add a pop of color to our photo-shoot.

Photographer’s Tip: I love shooting on weekdays. Not only is there better parking, less people walking into your photos but you get many, more opportunities to shoot in amazing places that are booked on weekends!

Her favorite colors are pink & blue so she enjoyed this wall as much as I did. Lol.

Tessa is on the Spirit Committee at school & studies Latin. Wow!

Meatball subs from subway are a must-have for Tessa!

Overall, I loved shooting in natural light at Georgetown’s Town Square. It provided an urban flare, beautiful scenery & most important to a photographer, TONS of open shade. Lucky me!

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When I Grow Up…

| Back To School, Child Photography

… I want to play for the Houston Astros.

Caden begins 3rd grade later this month & is “All about that base, ’bout that base”– BALL that is. Seriously, every conversation will find it’s way back to baseball. Watching the Astros & Texas Rangers play, practicing pitching or playing baseball is always on his mind.


Baseball fierce:




Have a great school year Caden!

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First Day of School

| Back To School, Child Photography

I can’t believe it! It’s already that time again… welcome back to early wake up calls, school folders, packing lunches & crazy schedules. The school year has begun!

Entering 4th grade is Mason:

Seriously, this kid grows faster than a weed.

Starting 2nd grade today is Logan:



And beginning kindergarten is Oliver!




I thought 2027 sounded crazy but 2031 is throwing me for a loop! 😛

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Turnquist Annual Easter Egg Hunt

| Child Photography, Family Photography

For established clients I offer event photography. This Sunday I was invited to photograph a special family at their Easter party. The party was HUGE! I can’t begin to estimate how many Easter eggs were involved. There was even face painting, balloon animals & a bounce house.

Olivia with her Nana & Pappy (& our hosts with the most for the day):


The constant changes in light (from cloudy to bright, bright sun & back again) were a photographer’s challenge. It kept me on my toes! But dang, the bright light sure back-lit these beautiful ladies well:

Release the children!

Happy Easter y’all!

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I Miss Naptime

| Child Photography, First Birthday Portraits

Hi everyone,

Look who’s ONE! Sweet baby Summer from last year’s newborn session is back for her first birthday portraits. Restored to joyous energy after her nap she rocked her session.

Her mom snagged her a magical birthday cake.

Check out the intent in her eyes!



There were some tears… mostly because she didn’t realize she could eat the cake. It wasn’t just paint. Plus, Summer really had her eyes on the balloons.



Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

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Teachers Beware: Students Are Closer Than They Appear

| Back To School, Child Photography

This year is flying by! Don’t blink or it’ll already be 2018. Here are 2017 Back To School portraits of some of my favorite models:



Mason & Logan will be entering 3rd & 1st grade respectively.

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Fun With Toddlers

| Child Photography, FAQs

Toddler photography teaches me something new each session. Toddlers are adorable. They’re little, mobile people who are give hugs & kisses… and can sometimes drive their parents crazy. 😜 But their world is filled with sunshine & joy and they love to share it with those around them. Don’t stress yourself out about your child’s toddler session. Here are some tips to help:

1.) Give yourself extra time

You won’t know what mood your toddler will be in for the shoot until you actually get there. All the planning, naps & food that usually work might not work day of. I recommend a 2h session because not only does that give you time for an outfit change (both the planned & sometimes spontaneous thanks to the sometimes messy nature of toddlers). A longer session also means more snack breaks, tantrum breaks & even better, play breaks. It will provide you peace of mind knowing you have more time & a calm parent will encourage any child to be the same. Your child will mimic your attitude: frustrated or stressed parent = panicked child. Happy, playful parent = you guessed it, a joyful child.


2.) Plan ahead

Go ahead & plan for the day ahead of the portrait session. Plan for naps & meals that don’t stir your kids up. Start talking the session up as if it was a play date. “We’re going to met up with Caty today (or whoever your photographer might be) & have so much fun playing & smiling for the camera like movie stars” etc. Don’t start talking about being still & looking at the camera. If you describe it like a chore it will become a chore. Again, your child will mimic your attitude. The same goes for your spouse. If you make a family portrait session sound like a honey-do chore your husband (or wife) will treat it like one & who will mimic his attitude? You’re catching on. 🙂


3.) Manage your expectations

And by that I mean don’t expect your child to behave “perfectly” or to take a picture exactly like the one you like from pinterest. Your child might refuse to look at the camera & that’s ok. It’s the photographers job to engage your child; you just sit there & look pretty. 🙂  Bringing a favorite toy or even better, bring another adult to stand behind the camera to help the photographer grab your child’s attention. The more you focus on your child during a family shoot the harder it will be to capture the shot. (Unless it’s a playful, candid shot.)

Tantrums are okay. Sometimes you have to let them vent their frustrations & cry. This is a part of real life & the stage your child is in. Embrace it: a couple shots in tears might be the ones you cherish the most looking back. Ignore any bystanders: most of them know what you’re going through. Laugh at the situation: try getting in close to your toddler & pretending to cry. You might just have your next Christmas card.

Joy to the World!

4.) Be prepared for A LOT of movement from your toddler

Toddlers are more likely to sit still if you bring a child chair for them to sit on (no rocking chairs). Try breaking up the still shots with dancing, walking or being tossed in the air to help get your child’s wiggles out.

5.) Have fun

When you start to think of a portrait session as a chore you’re conditioning yourself to not enjoy it. Portrait sessions can be fun! Getting a child ready to leave your house & in the car is work. Worrying about whether they’ll sit still or look at the camera or give their real smile is work. But you deserve to celebrate all the good parts of raising a toddler too! Their innocence, how quick their mood can improve, the frequency of which they give hugs & kisses, the fact that there is no superhero more impressive than mom & dad… all of these things are worth remembering. Come out to your session ready to show of your amazing family & hold you’re head up high. You’re a toddler mom; be proud!

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Look Who’s One

| Child Photography, First Birthday Portraits

… it’s sweet Baby Olivia! I guess I can’t call her baby any longer. What has Olivia been up to since graduating from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) last summer? First, she didn’t have any infections. Take it from a NICU nurse, this is a BIG DEAL for a former premie. Olivia also makes Lion noises, smiles like crazy & played in grass for the first time during this shoot.

Olivia & her daddy:

Those eyebrows!

One lick was all she wanted. She liked the texture & the balloons a lot more. Lol.

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Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

| Child Photography, Family Photography

Natural light photographers are essentially light-chasers. Since my first priority is to serve you I’m constantly looking for lighting that illuminates you best. Part of that is shooting during the golden hour but there’s more to it than that. This week one client was undaunted by the forecasts of rain & we got lucky with an overcast sky providing soft, even lighting. This allowed me to shoot them in a large, open space that usually is unusable this time of day. I’m so blessed to have such flexible, kind clients. And gorgeous too! Check them out:

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