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How To Make A Newborn Nest

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It’s here, it’s here. Check out the special project I’ve been working on with Julie from Merci Bouquet Designs! If you’re a newborn photographer, a florist looking to expand your portfolio, or families with a creative prop idea in mind… learn how to create a newborn nest with easy (and complete!) instructions from Julie:


If you’re not looking to make a newborn nest but would like more ideas on floral gifts (for new moms, weddings, anniversaries etc) check out

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Need A Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift?

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With Valentine’s Day in two days it’s time to think about special gifts for loved ones. Why not give them a gift they can treasure for a long time? Although chocolate covered strawberries are always sweet photography lasts a lot longer. Last Mother’s Day I teamed up with three of my nephews to make a gift for their mom & grandma. I told them we’d be making a secret message in their photographs that you could only see when we finished the present. They each got some one-on-one time before the camera & the oldest couldn’t wait to tell everyone what the secret message was.  Add a pretty frame & the total cost of the gift was only about $10/person. The boys had a blast thinking it was a game & their mom loved it! Can you see the “secret” message?

I love you


Use photos you already have or take new ones to give a photo gift to someone special. Get creative: add props or put some Valentine’s Day wrapping paper on the wall for a budget-friendly backdrop.





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