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This week I returned to College Station to capture the Casey family in portraits. Did you know I went to Texas A&M for 1 year before deciding to study nursing? It’s been such a treat to come back & spend some time with this sweet young family. I could not contain my excitement when I drove in College Station & the king of country music started playing on the radio station.

I believe we show the world what matters most to us by what we surround ourselves with: what we talk about, what we read, what we listen to & what we spend the most time thinking about. Tuesday, this sweet family & I choose to celebrate life, family & LOVE.


Magdalen (2.5) enjoys “Get Back Up Again” from the Trolls sound track, dance parties & anything with “dip” (guacamole & grapes, blueberries & chick-fil-a sauce, spinach & ranch dressing).

Pauline (1) smiles every chance she gets, is content to let big sister talk for her but is less shy when it comes to dancing!

When a mom tells me “if there’s time I’d love a picture or two of me & my husband” I always smile. I WILL make time. Children are the fruit of the soul-deep union between two people. It’s easy for young children to pull focus but I believe family photography celebrates the whole family. This person is not just your co-parent but your partner, your lover, your friend. Peter & Ginny blew me away during their husband & wife shots. Their love for each other really poured out in each image. Even if you feel more comfortable in pictures with more than just two people, consider taking couple shots during your session. Little eyes are watching.

As the first person to use the Caty Dunlap Photography Portrait Session Style Guide, or Style Guide for short, Ginny NAILED it! The Style Guide which is now being offered for free to every CDP client before a portrait session helps turn good portraits into WOW portraits. (It doesn’t hurt when your example is beautiful inside & out).

Congratulations Peter & Ginny! May your pregnancy continue to be smooth & may you have a safe delivery & healthy baby boy. God bless you all.

My heartfelt thanks go to the staff at Peach Creek Ranch, especially the manager Mackenzie, who hosted us for the portrait session on Tuesday. As a premium wedding & event venue in College Station they sure treated our humble photo shoot like royalty. They had the AC ready for us for when the kids needed a break & everything!

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Kemah Boardwalk Maternity Shoot

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You may remember Alec & Sarah from an engagement session last year. They’re back with a very special blessing coming this fall. We headed to the Kemah Boardwalk for a fun, gender-neutral maternity portrait session!


Before the session Sarah asked if we could meet earlier in order to have more time to take portraits. Music to my ears! This incredibly patient mommy-to-be wanted to make sure we could move slowly for her comfort. Although being in front of the camera is not natural for everybody you should be comfortable during your session. When you schedule a session please let me know if there’s anything I can do to tailor your photo-shoot to meet your needs.



I’ve witnessed Alec & Sarah staring lovingly into each others eyes so it’s no surprise that if Alec could pick one (physical) trait to see in his child he would choose Sarah’s eyes “that shine blue or green depending on the lighting”.


A virtue of Alec’s that Sarah would like to see in their child is his ability to see the inherent goodness inside everyone he meets. No judgement. He finds worth in every person.

Alec & Sarah sing & play music to the baby almost every night. Especially old hymns.



God bless Baby Banda! Your parent’s can’t wait to meet you (once you’re old enough).

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Oops, I Did It Again

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I started to shoot a couple before asking everyone to empty their pockets. My surprise? When I asked the dad-to-be to remove his cell phone from his pocket… he pulled out a pocket Bible! What a strong man of God!



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Happy Mother’s Day

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To #boymoms, #girlmoms

To all new moms & soon to-be-moms

To moms of big families, small families &

To moms with big kids or small


to those who do it all!

moms day

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Expecting Elizabeth Ann

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This sweet young couple are expecting their first child, a precious baby girl. Mommy-to-be, Angela, recently craves beef corn dogs but can do without those pregnancy pillows! Cloudy days don’t stop Angela & Kyle from celebrating this pregnancy & capturing this extraordinary time in pictures. Here’s a peek into their life:




Congratulations to Kyle & Angela on your growing family! May God bless you & Baby Elizabeth & keep you safe & happy.

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Another Dunlap Boy

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Levi, my newest nephew, will be here next month! I can’t wait to snuggle with him & see how the current baby brother likes being a big brother. Until then, Levi’s family is preparing for boy #4.

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My sister-in-law gives me healthy, handsome nephews AND let’s me take as many pictures as I want to take. Am I blessed or what?

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Great Example of Why I Shoot RAW

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At some point I’ll write a post about shooting in RAW vs JPEG but I want to share a story from tonight now.

I’m trying to cull & edit some maternity portraits from yesterday’s session tonight after a 12 hour shift at the hospital when I come across some UNDERexposed shots. When my youngest nephew Oliver became disinterested in taking photos I started rapidfire captures (where you’re almost taking continuous photos because you don’t know when a toddler will jump out of the shot & you might only catch one smile). At one point I set my camera down to either pull Oliver back in the frame or to catch a dog to my lap…gotta love on-location photography 🙂 . When I resumed shooting it took a couple frames before I realized my flash was off & with the setting sun in the window a flash was required. If I had shot this in JPEG (where you trust your camera’s software to choose things like sharpening & contrast) it would have limited my editing capability afterwards. For many photographers, that’s not much of a loss at all but this picture straight out of camera (SOOC)…


…would have been lost! But since I shot it in RAW it gave me the ability to edit different parts of the exposure to create this image:


And thank God for RAW because that little boy on the right side was done smiling after this.

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But The Greatest of These is Love

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Last week I got to capture maternity moments for Ben & Lara who are expecting their third boy! At Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston we shot their maternity portrait session with some Southern Style on these beautiful porches. Check it out!



If you look closely in the window of this next picture you will see the reflection of the chapel in the park. Lara shot her bridal portraits in this very same park using this chapel. I think the symmetry of bridal to maternity portraits in the same park is so cool. Families are a beautiful thing!







So faith, hope, love remain but the greatest of these is LOVE. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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Coming Soon!

| Maternity Photography

I have fun at every photo shot because I love this job! When I can capture special moments in one of my best friend’s lives my job gets even sweeter. Here are some portraits of Anna & Jason who are expecting their daughter THIS MONTH! Enjoy.






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