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Baby Elizabeth

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What a pleasure it was to shot Baby Elizabeth’s newborn portraits. You might remember her parent’s maternity session recently (the scrabble pieces were popular). Her parents were so patient for this session! It’s really the baby who runs a newborn session. If she wants to eat… she eats. If she doesn’t like one position… we move to another. I think Baby Elizabeth stopped to eat 3 or 4 times… that’s my kind of girl. 🙂

Baby Elizabeth (45)

I really enjoy capturing what’s going on at this moment in a family’s life. Knowing that Elizabeth’s dad is a youth minister I was inspired to incorporate this Bible (just her size).

Baby Elizabeth (33)

Her mother’s wedding ring was added into the next picture. (Note to self: ask parents to take off wedding rings before they’re in a hot room for an hour if you want to use them as props. Poor dad hurt his hand trying to take his off.)

Baby Elizabeth (27)

Does this nest look familiar? Merci Bouquet Design‘s owner, Julie, designed it in the previous blog post.

Baby Elizabeth (21)

Isn’t she precious?

Baby Elizabeth (30)


Congratulations Kyle & Angela on the birth of your darling little girl!

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How To Make A Newborn Nest

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It’s here, it’s here. Check out the special project I’ve been working on with Julie from Merci Bouquet Designs! If you’re a newborn photographer, a florist looking to expand your portfolio, or families with a creative prop idea in mind… learn how to create a newborn nest with easy (and complete!) instructions from Julie:


If you’re not looking to make a newborn nest but would like more ideas on floral gifts (for new moms, weddings, anniversaries etc) check out

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Newborn Workshop with Scott Sitkiewitz

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Hey y’all,

With my promise to post more this month in mind today is a review of the Newborn Photography Workshop taught by Scott Sitkiewitz at Precision Camera. I had a blast today with 7 other photographers with past experience ranging from brand new grandparent to other professional photographers. FIVE STARS!

(iPhone picture)

Scott started class by going over props & lighting for newborn portraits including the Lollipop Props Mini Studio system. (Continuous studio lighting was provided.)

Product side note: The Mini Studio is the perfect size for capturing newborns plus it’s lighter & takes up less storage room than my PVC newborn stand. It’s comes with a faux floor & two different backdrops but blankets could also be easily clamped to the frame. Right now, the starter kit costs $149.

Once our newborn model came on the scene Scott positioned her as needed & let us click away. It was a very well rounded workshop with technical, creative & business aspects included. I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in newborn portraits but I’d restrict it to those comfortable shooting in manual mode. It is 6 hours long including a 1h lunch break. Currently the price is $199, limited spots available. I enjoyed it!

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P.S. If someone you love will be a senior this fall check Scott out at:

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Prop Me Up–Newborn Photography Props

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With the cold weather today I changed my plans in order to stay indoors most of the day (this Texas girl needs some heat) & played with newborn props.  I found this great basket on sale at Target that I can’t wait to use in some newborn shots. I tried many different blankets & wraps to see how they look on camera. Surprise! A gray wrap I planned to use for baby boys or girls turned purple in the test shots I took. This is why test shots are important. The sensor in a camera is not as advanced as our eyes so what we see in person can often appear to have different lighting or coloring on camera. Plus, it’s always fun to play with my camera. 🙂

Newborn Basket

I feel that “loud” props can often take away from newborn portraits & distract from the baby who is supposed to be the subject. Simple backgrounds, pretty blankets & a hat or headband is usually all you need. Because really, is there anything cuter than a naked baby? If you’re taking photos at home look around your house & you may be surprised to find props all around you. Try wrapping your infant in a tight cloth (any kind, any color) & then lay a pretty scarf or blanket on top & tuck in the sides. This way baby is contained well but it looks like baby is snuggling in a more precious wrap. A cute basket, large bowl or decorative box can hold your newborn for some shots but always have a helper right next to the baby or even have hands hidden on the baby while you’re behind the camera. *Safety is the most important concept in newborn photography.

Scarf Found on Sale

I’ve found that the blankets I’m drawn to for laying little ones on are kind of funky: fuzzy or messy. They’re not blankets I’d pick out to decorate my house but they make babies pop in photos!

Fuzzy Blanket

And that poor little beat-up doll I’ve had since I was a kid & now my nieces & nephews play with him too.  He’s been well-loved & loved hard if you can’t tell by the smudges & scratches.


23 days until Caty Dunlap Photography opens!

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