October 25, 2018

Ambrose, Yeah of the God

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On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of capturing three familiar faces to Caty Dunlap Photography & one new one. Wow! Does time fly. You may remember Alec & Sarah from their engagement session right before Christmas 3 years ago. I was a second shooter for Alec & Sarah’s wedding & what a blast we had anticipating the arrival of their first child during their maternity portrait session at the Kemah Boardwalk. Then, of course, the in-famous newborn session when now big brother Ezekiel pooped on his daddy during his photoshoot. Lol.

Now let me introduce you to Ambrose! He’s 4 months old & ADORES his big brother, Ezekiel.

As the Director of Family Faith Formation, Alec leads youth (& adults) to develop a personal, lifelong relationship with Christ & Sarah serves the Lord & her family at home raising these two precious boys. They both strive to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle so if you need a doTERRA Essential Oil hook up text me & I’ll give you their contact info. They will set you up! As a someone who suffers from chronic migraines I would not just mention any old oil in my blog. But I’ll leave oil purity conversations for the experts below. ????



Sarah’s learning all about the many adventures of being a #boymom


As a NICU nurse, I have many “Caty-isms” or things I say all the time that related to premies or breastmilk. I also have photographer-hat “Caty-isms”. As I mentioned recently in a post husband & wife shots are a “must have set” during a portrait session, even during family portraits. I know most of us are uncomfortable in front of the camera (photographers are the worst about this) & sometimes we just want more people in the frame to feel more comfortable. But, and here’s the “Caty-ism” of the day,

children are the fruit of the marriage not the root.”

This, right here (below) is the origin of this beautiful, holy family you’ve been looking at through out this post. The love between them created this family & nourishes each member. Take time each day & definitely during a portrait session to honor that. Let your children see you take that time too. You don’t have to announce it. Children are sponges. When they see you make time to dance with your spouse in the park, in the kitchen, when the house is a mess… they know where your priorities lie. #allbecausetwopeoplefellinlove

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