October 18, 2018

The Rain Gamble

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Yesterday evening there was about a 10-20% chance of rain during a scheduled portrait session with no chance of storms. Cloudy days, as I’ve mentioned before, provide the best lighting for portraits; provided they’re not storm clouds. I discussed the weather with Angela 2 days before & we decided to proceed. That chance of rain in Texas is practically nothing! On the day of the shoot, I arrived at the park 30 minutes before the portrait session & called her saying, “the weather is great! Cloudy & a bit chilly but no rain.”

*Sigh* So she packed up her lovely, camera-ready family & literally as soon as they stepped out of the car it started sprinkling. But they’re a tough, nature-loving family so they we’re patient & flexible with the rain even when it started pouring.


Sophie is in boy scouts, girl scouts & archery. She’s well suited for the outdoors.


Hudson was the first to speak up saying they could last the whole photo-shoot. And trust me, this family could’ve toughed it out. But they shouldn’t have to tough it out. Every family should be comfortable during a session. What you’re feeling during a portrait session will impact, in some way, every final image & want you to LOVE your family portraits. So, Martin family, let’s do this again when the heavens decide not to open up & try to drown us. ????

Hudson’s face just cracks me up:

Gambling with Texas weather is tricky. There have been days we’ve played it safe & postponed a portrait session due to an unfavorable forecast & the weather turned out normal during the originally scheduled shoot. There have been sessions where I’ve advised clients to postpone due to weather, but it was their only available date, so they kept the original time & the weather miraculously was perfect. Highly risky but it worked out for them.

As you know, I’m a big believer that natural light is the BEST, most flattering light for portraits. But you do have to chase the light & the forecast can chase you away like it did for this sweet family yesterday. If you keep a positive mood & flexible spirit like the Martin family natural light will reward you. Even if you only have 15 minutes during pouring down rain.  ????

I’m sorry your family portrait session was cut short. But I learned a lot about your family it a short amount of time. You’re not a family of complainers & Hudson doesn’t like saying “cheese” for the camera, but “pizza” is ok. Lol. Best wishes Martin family!

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