December 13, 2018

Family Portraits: Not All Shoots Are Sunshine & Roses

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In contrast with the last blog post, this next family portrait session that I’m about to talk about took place on a chilly, off-and-on rainy day. But the family I worked with, much like the great state of Texas, was made of tough stuff. We made sure to take breaks to wrap up in warm blankets, hide under umbrellas or get the little girls in a heated car during the husband & wife shots thanks to the incredible “toddler helper” mom & dad brought with them. This time, playful cousin, Kate.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to when I mention the name toddler helper please read refer to a part in my last blog post, “Fall Fun with Liam & Avery”.

Kyle & Angela married over 3 years ago & live up in North Texas where Kyle is a program director of a Catholic youth camp. They both feel called to serve God & neighbor through ministry, together. Angela also serves their family as a stay-at-home mom to their two little girls, Elizabeth (2.5 years) & Juliana (11 months).

Kyle & Angela know a little something about the cold. They’re college sweethearts who attended Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio where snow is not uncommon. As I’m typing this blog, Steubenville students are waking up to morning classes to a temperature of 35▫C. I can’t handle the cold! I’m a Texas girl all around. Angela told me stories in the past about the campus being built around some big dip in the middle (for some reason) with campus buildings built on the top of each hill so she literally had to “walk uphill to school each day through the snow”. Brr!

One of my favorite ways to a help couple loosen up a bit for the husband & wife shots are to have let them dance together for a bit. (See, you’re not the only one uncomfortable in front of the camera!) And while everyone might not be dancers, that’s not the case with Kyle & Angela. Want to know how you can tell? Check out how their hands & arms are interlocked in this next shot. That wasn’t my suggestion. That’s after Kyle executed a real dance turn & dip with Angela. The kiss wasn’t staged either. That’s all them. ????

I met Kyle four years ago when he started dating Angela. Now,he’s a very hands-on dad with their two little girls. Listening to him speak over the years, I’m sure there’s no greater earthly influence on his parenting style than his father, Tim. Kyle holds his father in high regards for his love, for his balance & for the glory he gives to God.

So, yes, not all shoots are sunshine & roses. Some are in the cold & cacti but with charming families to warm you from the inside out. Thank you to Kyle, Angela, Elizabeth & Juliana for being so patient as we huddled together for a fabulous, family portrait session.

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