June 26, 2019


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I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering splendid

Tell me, princess, now when did

You last let your heart decide?”

I can’t tell you how many times I sung “A Whole New World” with my cousin Patricia on her blanket. And I really wish I could tell you I was Princess Jasmine at least half of the time but I can’t. #littlecousinproblems (Don’t worry I turned it around & stayed the pink power ranger for years when I became the big cousin down the road.)

If you haven’t taken your kids to see Aladdin yet it’s time! Here’s my review of the Disney’s live action Aladdin (don’t worry no spoilers).

The Genie

Let’s dive right in! I know what you’re worried about. I was nervous too. Who but Robin Williams could bring life to the Genie? I loved the Genie! Robin killed it in the cartoon. I remember my Aladdin lunch box as a kid in elementary school. It was a splurge for my parents who got me the name brand lunch box with the thermos inside & it was a very special treat.

But Will Smith doesn’t try to play “Robin Williams as the Genie”. Will Smith is a phenomenal actor & if you listen to his interview with Ellen, you’ll hear that he was hesitant to take the part. But the music inspired him to take this ICONIC role.

His Co-Stars

Naomi Scott, Princess Jasmine, & Mena Massoud in the titular role of Aladdin were wonderful. Plus, side note, Naomi Scott also recently played the pink power ranger in a live action power ranger movie so she’s crushing it in young Caty’s dreams. The costumes & sets are as colorful & dreamy as you’d expect to see in a Disney film. But don’t expect the writing to change much or to reinvent the story. It’s a joyful update of the 1992 cartoon.

The Music

In the live action version, Will Smith sings! For that alone you should go see the movie to hear him sing besides his typical rap & hip hop vibe but yes… the “fresh prince” persona is how he labels the vibe he gives to the genie & that’s why I could hold onto the cartoon version & open up to the new live action version. Because they kept a lot of the same, classic things you loved but they made it their own.

Disney knows what works. Disney guards their branding like a protective mama bear. So, rest assure that you will see the same songs you grew up listening to & you’ll be able to sing along to like “A Whole New World”, “One Jump Ahead” & “Prince Ali”. But Disney is also creative, that’s how they inspired the whole generations of adults leading the world right now. Be prepared for a new song, “Speechless” that brings about more character development & a minor plot change in my opinion improves the movie since the original cartoon released 27 years ago. It’s not a major plot change like how Maleficent was Sleeping Beauty told from the villain’s point of view but Disney fans who want to see a simple live action version of the original will be pleased. Similar to how Beauty & the Beast was almost identical to the cartoon. But don’t worry. Fans who desire a little twist will also be pleased.

To Sum Up

If you want a joyful movie with a good message “like so many things, it’s not what’s outside but what’s inside that counts.” (Line from the original cartoon. There’s a similar line in the 2019 live action but I think they nailed it here first!) Then grab your tickets today! I love Flix Brewhouse in Round Rock. If you’re unfamiliar with them. They have great big leather seats. A button to call a waiter when you need delicious food or brew. And to save money, on Wednesdays tickets are just $5.25 all day long!

To wrap up, it’s a movie you already know you love. The writing & songs you know with visual appeal. As Aladdin asks Jasmine on that magic carpet, “Do you trust me?”

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  1. Mary Carter

    June 26th, 2019 at 8:52 am

    I think we are taking 4 grandkids to the drive-in on Thursday to see Toy Story and Aladdin. Thanks for the encouraging words. Nice blog, Catherine! (But you could use an editor????????

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