June 7, 2019

Lion’s Daring Escape

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Shoot! Lion escaped! How did Lion escape? Little kids in front yard. Can’t give chase just yet. Water running. Don’t waste water. Plus, don’t waste money. Why is dad in my head, right now of all times? (Turn off the hose. Get 3 kids inside.) Oh no! His tags are off. That’s okay. Worst case scenario he’s chipped. Oh my gosh! That’s not the worst-case scenario… Don’t think of worst-case scenarios! Darn. The pizza is not ready. But the cheese is mostly melted so the bread is cooked. It’s safe for the kids to eat, right? Much safer than leaving the kids in the house by themselves with an oven on. The timer is about to go off. Is Mason (10) old enough to take pizza out of the oven? Now is not the time to ask that question, Dunlap. (Pizzas out of oven. Leash in hand. Heads outside.) Please let me see Lion. Please. Are the kids going to eat soggy, under-cooked pizza? Oh my gosh, they’re going to be hungry. I can’t find him. If I have to leave this street to find him by the time, I get back I’ll have hungry kids & cold, soggy pizza. What if I can’t find him? I don’t see him. Where did he go? Please don’t leave me. (Knocks on amazing neighbors’ door for help.) What if I can’t find him?

All of that was an abbreviated version from about oh, 2 minutes of the time I found out Lion was loose. I rescued Lion (11) seven years ago & anyone who’s met him knows he is a runner. Earlier that day, I agreed to babysit four of my nephews. Ask anyone who knows me & they’ll tell you I’m a very proud aunt. I LOVE my nieces & nephews.

  • Shout out to ALL moms & dads. Being a parent is the MOST important job (if that’s what your called to do). I’m in awe of what you accomplish on a daily basis. Sometimes, I struggle just to take care of myself.

Despite a foot search, a check on the kids & then a car search, I did not find Lion that night. Nor did Lion find his way home by morning. So, I went to work at the hospital & waited. And waited.

Then I got THE call. “We found your dog.” A very, kind-hearted family not only found Lion the night before but stopped him from going out into the middle of a busy street which apparently, he kept doing. Repeatedly. They welcomed my dog into their home with love in their hearts & took him the next day to check his chip. They were already in the car to deliver him home when they called me. Such a blessing since I was working all day in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I truly believe we are here to love & serve one another. For this family, to serve me, someone they’ve yet to meet in person was extraordinary. Thank you! Not only for taking Lion in that night when he thought chasing cars was more than just a song. But for striving to be the good neighbor to a stranger. What big hearts you have.

The story gets even sweeter! After my brother let me know Lion returned home safely, I texted this thoughtful family & quick thank you. This is what she responded with:

My jaw dropped. Not only had this mama provided service to a stranger but SHE TURNED IT INTO A LIFE LESSON! Oh, my goodness I was floored.

Don’t be deceived. We are living in a world saturated by virtue. We desire it. We strive for it. Sometimes we fail to hold on to all the plates we’re juggling: the dog gets loose with the hose & oven on & 4 small persons in our care. But God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes help is literally right around the corner.

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