June 6, 2019

Matte or Lustre: Which to Choose?

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Is there really a difference between all of those print finishes?

Yes. Yes, there is. Will you notice it as much as a photographer? No. But there are moments in time distracting you from enjoying your family pictures. Smudges on old glossy photos. A glare on glass. Or maybe just a little less vibrance. With a little bit of knowledge in your pocket you can empower yourself in future printing decisions whether you print with a professional printing lab or around the corner at the local box store.

I like to keep my product inspiration order sheet clean & clutter free because I know your time is valuable! It is by no means the sum of what I offer. It’s streamlined to find the most frequently requested items & sizes.

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Matte gets a bad rap because it’s “flat”, which is technically true, but think strategically about how you’re going to use your product. Many times, matte is my favorite. While the colors maybe less vibrant, glass (framed prints) enriches matte. Choose matte if you’re planning to hang your product in a room with a lot of light or directly opposite wall with lots of windows because of its non-reflective material. Reduce that glare. It’s easy to see from all angles. You don’t want to show off your family & be like well, if you stand over here you can see all of my whole family. How embarrassing!

If you’ve read the CDP Style Guide you know I’m all about pulling focus to the star of family portraits, your family! Don’t be modest. It’s okay to be a star one day out of the year. Ok, maybe more than one.

Choose lustre to help make colors pop. For crisp images. An example would be if you’re hanging a product on a wall with a lot of windows. Now you’re competing with the sun. Go bold! Another good example to use a lustre finish, in my opinion, are Christmas cards or birth announcements to get that sharper more vibrant finish. Ok, now you can see often times lustre is my favorite.

Both are great for skin tones. And unlike glossy photos, both are resistant to smudges & scratches. Yea! Am I the only one who thinks of what will happen when a kid touches it? And I don’t mean gently.

It’s so helpful to know what you’re using your photo product for, where you’re going to be using it & who’s going to be seeing it (little, sticky fingers everywhere). The smartest tip is to plan ahead. Tell your portrait photographer before your session what products you’re interested in. Be the overachiever. Let your photographer shoot with your endgame in mind. Be part of each step of the creative process so your final product is phenomenal.

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