June 18, 2019

Round Rock Newborn Portraits

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Baby Ren, Jet Setter

Can you imagine telling your child a love story that began abroad? Karleigh & Steve will. They met in Kazakhstan but after summer break they will return home to Moldova where a very special crib awaits Ren. You could hear the heart in mom’s words as she described the crib she picked out while awaiting the birth of their first child. An A-frame crib that when you look at it from a certain angle it looks like a little house. When Karleigh described the crib to me during her portrait planning session she had such a way with words. They were soft spoken but I could picture her in my mind looking at the crib set up in the nursery in Moldova awaiting the little girl for the little house.

And now she’s here.

I can’t begin talking about the Round Rock newborn portraits without giving a shout out to our hosts. Karleigh & Steve are staying with Grandma & Grandpa during the summer break. Grandma went above & beyond to make sure Baby Karen Nancy (Ren)’s portraits we’re a smashing success. Karleigh took me on a tour of the house to find the room with the most natural light & after picking my jaw off the floor over the GORGEOUS kitchen we settle for the perfect spot. And I do mean perfect. Grandma & Grandpa had a screened in back patio with a fan! And the screens lifted up with a remote! I geeked out a bit. Indirect light that I can control, say what? And thank you, Grandma Karen for being so sweet & flexible when I asked if it was alright if we moved some furniture around. With your help, shadows disappeared & the composition possibilities were drastically improved. Thank you!

It was scorching outside! Newborn portraits are supposed to be hot. Caty-ism: “It’s not newborn portraits until the adults are sweating.” Lol. But the day was more than hot so thank goodness for that fan! Karleigh & Steve make it look good but I’m sure I was red. I’m Irish. I blush & sun burn easily. But Karleigh & Steve, as sweet as can be, never complained once! They just kept going strong. So, patient & loving. Ren loved it. In fact, she didn’t even want to be unswaddled! The closest to naked baby Ren enjoyed was “slightly less swaddled” but she stayed asleep. All she wanted to do most of her photoshoot was stare at mom & dad or wiggle. What a wiggle machine! She knew she was the life of the party so she was determined to be the life of the party. We felt victorious when our powers combined & Ren finally drifted off into baby dream land.

Karleigh, as you might expect, taught me more about international travel. Like did you know they make passports for newborns? I mean obviously some sort of identification would be required but my question would be how would PHOTO identification hold up.

Excuse me ma’am but that child clearly doesn’t match the child in this picture.”

Mom, “Well, she is a month old now.”

Because let’s face it. Babies change RAPIDLY. Newborns become babies & even a 2-month old baby is so different from a 4-month old baby. But Karleigh gave me the goods. Apparently, yes, newborns have passports with photo ID. *Snort* And the Passport is good for…



Ma’am, that kid definitely doesn’t match this child photographed.”

Mom, “It’s definitely not. That child didn’t talk back.”

I can’t stop picturing a 5-year-old walking up at customs & handing over… a passport with a picture of a newborn face. Literally a baby face.

With Baby Ren soon to embark on international travel, I know there are a lot more travel savvy families out there. I count myself blessed to have traveled to Europe 3 times in my past & hope to one day again as well as MANY other places on my travel bucket list. Sweet Baby Ren I wish you many adventures & bon voyage!

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