June 24, 2019

Treat Yo Self

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I’m a Summer girl all the way! There is something about this season that gets me energized. It started when I was younger & the summer had all the best ingredients: no school, the pool & my birthday. But even now as an adult I feel my spirits lifted during my time.

And it’s here! Last week I went to the Domain for a Treat Yo Self day with one of my best friends, Anna. The day started off right when they showed me in to fitting room #4, my favorite number!

After saving a gift card for a LONG time I finally broke down & made an investment purchase at Nordstrom in the Domain. A store normally so above my price bracket I was nervous to even touch anything! But a kind friend gave me a gift card & I found MY dress. It was waiting for me. Anna can attest to it was my color, style & fit me like a glove. It’s like they designed it for me & the whole store was waiting for me to pick it up.

But! I’m a complete dork. I kept locking myself out of the dressing room. Apparently, it locks after you if you don’t let it close slowly. That poor saleswoman! But it made Anna laugh so #daymade

Afterwards we finally had soup dumplings at Xian Noodle which I’ve been craving FOREVER. There’s nothing like some good food, quality conversation & a little shopping to break up your work week & set you on an emotional high. We laughed, we cried & like two friends who’ve known each other forever we picked up right where we left off to make the most of the amount of time we had together.

Make sure to take some time each week to take care of yourself. Treat ‘yo self. If you’re not a Parks and Recreation fan the whole series is available on Amazon Prime & Netflix. Treat ‘yo self to this mock-umentary comedy series starring Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman. Starlord himself appears in this series. If you’re already a fan relive 10 of the funniest moments now. I can’t narrow it down personally. There’s too many to choose from.

If you can’t meet up with a friend this week try calling one instead. Or another loved one. Treat ‘yo self by going on a walk or reading a favorite book. Sing in your car with your kids. Dance around at home. It doesn’t have to cost money to…

Treat. Yo. Self.

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