July 25, 2019

Financial Relief

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If you’re just joining the Migraine Chronicles, we’ve been discussing silver linings. A silver lining is the silver lining to the storm cloud we all experience at different times in our lives. It’s giving gratitude for something big or small during those times of trouble. The trouble might be a sick child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a car accident, the loss of a job. Whatever you’re going through, I pray you have the grace you need to get through today. A grateful heart can help lighten the load.

Silver Lining #4: The pain is uncontrollable & I’m heading to the ER, but unlike last time I’m not scared of how I will pay for this visit.

When You Run out of Tricks

I mentioned in last week’s post how I couldn’t avoid a trip to the Emergency Room (ER) last month. As a chronic migraine sufferer, you learn all the neat tricks to stop a migraine in its tracks. But after a week in the intravenous (IV) infusion center, my rescue medications, my home remedies & a call with my neurologist my trick bag was empty.

To the ER!

On the way to the ER I was racked with pain, chronic level TEN pain. But I didn’t have to dig deep to find a silver lining. On that day there was no struggle, no search to find something. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I couldn’t help but feel relief, financial relief. I entered that ER knowing I could pay for my admission. What a difference six months makes!


When I entered the emergency room just before Christmas, I was in the middle of 3-month migraine. I was terrified. How was I going to pay for this? How long would I be paying for this? On unpaid medical leave, with the 2nd 3-month migraine in 2018, & medical bills piling up, I was in an all-time financial low. During this stormy season, for the first time in my adult life I didn’t know if I would be able to pay my mortgage the next month. PTO gone. Emergency savings gone. There were weeks we’re I had to decide between gas or groceries.

P.S. Ramen is still less than $1! Yes, I know eating healthy food is better for your health but healthy food also costs more money. (Plus, this blog is a judgement-free zone.) The fear & anxiety of seeking help for your health when you know it’s just creating more debt… not good for your health! It’s such a snowball!

Back to Last Month

As I walked through the doors, I gave thanks. I thought of the many families that cross these doors with the anxiety I had 6-months ago. It’s something that worries many of us. Financial burdens unite us across age, ethnicity, religion, political status etc. You don’t know what the person in the next bed is going through or if they’re panicked about how much further this visit will sink them into debt. Everyone there is united in the desire to be healed or for a loved one to be healed. We’re all kin, after all.

Claim Your Power

But praise & thanks be to God this year is different. Shout out to mom & dad for letting me live with them while I focus on healing. Yes, healing is my power word for 2019. After I sold my house & stopped focusing on the mortgage, upkeep, property taxes & repairs that come with it I could let go of financial anxieties & let the focus on healing begin. Repair, renew, reclaim. With financial relief this year, I’ve been able to do more than I’ve dreamed would happen so soon!

Adventures in 2019

So far this year, I’ve returned to the land of the living. I focused every week on work. Serving my coworkers, the families & of course, the sweet babies in the NICU. During the week, I focused on a different set of families. The CDP families are dream clients! We chase the light together because we believe natural light photography creates the dreamiest, magical portraits. I love the way sun light wraps around us & illuminates our skin tones.

This year I spent more quality time with family & friends. Whether it was out shopping with Anna, going to the movies, or just snuggling on the couch reading Harry Potter with my nephews. And later this week, I’m heading to Oklahoma for my family reunion & it’s going to be AMAZING! We rent out a group camp site every year between cousins in Missouri & Texas. It’s a couple days of canoeing (snicker, snicker), going to the lake, camp fires & LOTS of catching up! Ok, you’re just going to have to stay tuned to see how the Cox family takes on the river. Lol.

What else has happened in 2019? Oh, I met Ana Brandt! I experienced my first earthquake! I went to Disneyland for the first time ever! Most exciting of all…

I went FULL-TIME as a photographer! But more on that later, like I said you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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