September 27, 2019

Downtown Georgetown Family Portraits

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Welcome back Audrey + Josh! I can’t believe it’s been FOUR years since our last family session together. Before you know it Julia & Skylar are going to be teenagers & don’t even get me started on how much Mason grew up! During your downtown Georgetown family portraits we showed off the beautiful blue door at Union on the Eighth, of course, but I think what really came through my lens during your session was the special relationships the kids have with each other. What’s life like with four kids? Well, as you can see, they have no fun…

Downtown Georgetown Family Portraits: 3 young sister laughing in front of a large blue door

Here’s some things I learned about your children during our time together, Audrey + Josh. First there’s Julia (11) who likes the dentist (umm, what?) & history. Oh, and I already knew she was a daddy’s girl. Does anyone meet her & not know how much she loves Josh?

Young girl with brown hair in jeans smiling

Next is Skylar (10, soon to be 11) who would have LOVED to dress in black or gothic-style but showed love to her mom & coordinated her outfit with the rest of the family. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Skylar loves the camera & kept us cracking up through out the shoot.

Close up of young girl with brown hair smiling, blue door in background

Then, Katie (9) started 3rd grade this year & I loved photographing her because she takes a little longer to warm up to the camera. Whenever I can get her to shake loose & have fun it feels like such a victory because her genuine smiles when the camera is up are rarer, more precious. Plus, she’s so kind.

Downtown Georgetown Family Portraits: Two photos of young blonde girl smiling in front of blue door

Mason (6) started 1st grade this year. He listened & followed directions so well! I don’t know if it’s because of he’s from a big family, his personality or his mama is raising him right but he nailed poising with the first set of instructions & stayed in place. Yes! I know, incredible, right?

Young boy in jeans smiling in front of blue door

And some how Audrey, you’re wrangling 4 kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats & turtle while working full-time. Oh, AND getting your Masters in Nurse Administration.

(Mic drop)

If I didn’t know you so well, I’d say you’re trying to impress someone but I know all your hard work is about creating the best life for your family & has nothing to do with competing with others. Especially other women, which is something none of us should ever do. But I AM impressed by you. Even though I have no idea how you study at your house. 😂

Downtown Georgetown Family Portraits: Couple holding each other in town square & smiling at camera

Thank you for sharing some of your very limited time with me & capturing your downtown Georgetown family portraits. We are all short on time. But the only pictures we regret are the ones we didn’t take. If you had waited after graduation then two of your girls would be turning 13. “They grow up so fast” is a cliché for a reason.

Downtown Georgetown Family Portraits: couple smiling at each other, about to kiss

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