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Hi, I’m Caty! I’m a portrait photographer uplifting ladies & the men they adore in the vocation we call family life. Raising a family is the hardest job out there so let’s celebrate the milestones each year with grace & style. Caty Dunlap Photography: Celebrating family. Celebrating love. Celebrating life. 

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Child Photography, FAQs

August 10, 2017

Fun With Toddlers

Toddler photography teaches me something new each session. Toddlers are adorable. They’re little, mobile people who are give hugs & kisses… and can sometimes drive their parents crazy. ???? But their world is filled with sunshine & joy and they love to share it with those around them. Don’t stress yourself out about your child’s […]

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Can’t you just push a button to make it black & white?

Editing, FAQs

January 6, 2017

*Cringe* Yes, almost all editing software or programs to order prints have a button to change a colored image into black & white (B&W). If you like the result, by all means, use it. It’s a quick tool for everyday photographs. But I think you deserve better especially when it comes to your family’s portraits! […]

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